Next sale: November 6-8, 2020.
Next sale: November 6-8, 2020.
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Made In Canada Planner Collab


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There are two payment fee options available!


The $45 payment fee includes all perks that our MIC shops have come to know and love, including access to the sale (of course), access to all our standard marketing opportunities & promotional graphics, exclusive posting in the Made In Canada Facebook group, and visibility across all our social media platforms.


The $65 payment fee, named the Maple Tier, includes everything in the $45 fee tier, in addition to 5 more exclusive perks. It also allows you to opt out of the basic tier marketing opportunities if you so choose (loop giveaway, FB giveaway, freebies).

1) An exclusive "MEET THE SHOP" interview post in the MIC Facebook group. 

To take advantage of this perk, shop owners must complete a questionnaire that will be sent in an email upon paying & completing the Loose Ends form. They must also send in 1-10 additional accompanying photos of their products, or anything they would like to advertise.

The deadline to complete the questionnaire and submit accompanying photos is September 19th, 2020. If you cannot meet this deadline, you will lose the opportunity to participate in the above features.

To take advantage of the following 3 perks, shop owners must send in product. You can send, at most, 10 individual items. These items will then be:

2) Featured in a product haul on the @madeincanadaplannercollab Instagram story.

3) Featured in an additional feed post on the @madeincanadaplannercollab Instagram page.

4) Featured in a product giveaway in the Made In Canada Facebook group. Fulfillment will be made on behalf of Made In Canada, meaning there is no further action required from you to send anything out.

The hard deadline for me to receive these products, in-hand, is October 15th, 2020. If you cannot meet this deadline, you will lose the opportunity to participate in the above features. I recommend sending your products(s) in ASAP if you're using lettermail, OR paying for upgraded shipping. You will receive an email with the mailing address upon paying & completing your Loose Ends form.

5) Additionally, Maple Tier shops will get exclusive Instagram story reposts the week leading up to the sale (Oct 29-Nov 5). To take advantage of this perk, you must TAG @madeincanadaplannercollab IN your IG stories.

I will send reminder emails to ensure shops are fully aware of all deadlines. 💜