Cracked Ice Glitter Holographic Overlay 50PCS
Cracked Ice Glitter Holographic Overlay 50PCS
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Cracked Ice Glitter Holographic Overlay 50PCS

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Cracked Ice Glitter Holographic Overlay 50PCS

They're 8.5x12" and come in a pack of 50. They are cold lamination/peel and stick - no heat required. Cost includes the price of the product, currency conversion from USD to CAD, transaction fees, shipping from China to Canada, packaging, and a little extra to cover my time.

*SHIPPING TO BE INVOICED SEPARATELY* Ballpark range would be $15-$30 depending on how many you order, the distance between me to you (Quebec), etc. Will be shipped with tracking and insurance. 


I've tried many kinds of holo overlay before and this is by far the sturdiest and easiest to use. It is also the most vibrant as far as the holo effect. There could be some occasional smudging or dust trapped in the adhesive, but personally I still prefer this supplier due to the aforementioned qualities. Some batches may be stickier, and some may curl more than others. 

Upon purchasing, you must be willing to accept the above as possible defects. Refunds will only be issued if the product is entirely unusable.


Shipping is tracked within Canada.


🍁What are holographic overlays used for?
They're primarily used to add glitter and shine to your stickers, albums, die cuts - or anything else you can imagine!

🍁How can I estimate how many to order?
You can swing a 4x6 album cover with one sheet of overlay, but for 5x7 and up you'll need two sheets. I would also plan for some mishaps. There is a bit of a learning curve in applying them.