Next sale: February 11-13, 2022
Next sale: February 11-13, 2022
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$50 WINTER 2022 PAYMENT *Must purchase*
Made In Canada Planner Collab

$50 WINTER 2022 PAYMENT *Must purchase*

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Thank you for joining the Made In Canada Planner Collab Sale!

You must purchase this listing in order to secure your spot in the sale. This payment fee includes access to the sale, access to all our standard marketing opportunities & promotional graphics, exclusive posting in the Made In Canada Facebook group, and visibility across all our social media platforms.


Congrats! You have been selected to participate in the all-new discovery bundle marketing opportunity.


The MIC discovery bundle will be a new way for customers to sample products from 20 of the shops participating in the upcoming round of the sale.


In addition to paying the $50 participation fee, you are locked in to sending 20 full-sized items to be received by Erica, in-hand, by January 8th, 2022. It is recommended to add tracking to this shipment. You have received the mailing address via email. If not received by the deadline, you will be invoiced for the $15 difference.



  • What does "full-sized" mean?

For stickers it will be a full sized sticker sheet (this varies from shop to shop, but whatever your standard size is will work). For example for The Sticker Party, it’s 4x6. Please avoid mini sizes. We're trying to keep the bundle relatively in the 20mm thickness range for ease of shipping, so other ideas would be mini albums, 10mm washi, pens, clips. For die cuts, they should at least be packs of 3 if printed on matte paper. If holo laminated, one is fine. For all other ideas please run them by Erica first!

Please ensure your items are not larger in size that 5x7" and 15mm thickness.

  • Is there a bundle theme?

For the first round there will not be a theme, but it's definitely something we can explore in the future. I recommend submitting an item that represents your shop the best.

  • If I participate in this bundle, does that mean I won't be accepted for the next bundle?

Participation in the discovery bundle will first and foremost depend on whether or not you are accepted into the sale. The goal is to rotate out shops, but that doesn't necessarily mean you will be excluded next time. It all depends on how many shops are interested!

  • How much will the discovery bundle be on sale for? Where do the profits go?

The sale price of the discovery bundle is TBD, but most likely somewhere in the $30-40 range. It depends on the types of items received. The profits go toward expanding the MIC sale and continuing to improve it and make it better.

  • Is there any extra visibility on socials that comes with participating in the discovery bundle?

No. The marketing opportunity is specifically in the value of getting your products into potentially 20 customers' hands. There may be photos of the bundle on socials but that is the extent of extra marketing.

  • Can I include a coupon code for customers to use?

You can, but keep in mind the goal is for customers to buy your products ~during~ the MIC Sale, and we don't necessarily want to deter from that.