Next sale: March 17-19, 2023
Next sale: March 17-19, 2023
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Erica's Tips for a Successful Sale

πŸŽ‰ Erica's Tips for a Successful Sale πŸŽ‰

First and foremost, you're doing great. I've noticed really strong engagement both on Instagram and Facebook, and this is our number 1 indication that we're about to have a great sale ahead. Yay! 😊 Below are some of my best tips to help drive traffic to your shop, and the sale as a whole, during the sale.


Freebies are a low-cost option that helps drive sales. Something as simple as a die cut, a small sticker sample, or a washi sample could be enough to incentivize a purchase!
WORKFLOW TIP: Prepare a good bulk of your freebies in advance! This is will be one step less for you to do when it comes time to fill your orders. I recommend at least 20 freebies.
  • A lot of shops offer tiered freebies during group sales. This is when you offer a special freebie at different dollar amounts spent (example: x with purchases $20+, $40+, etc). They are usually stackable. With tiered freebies, focus on making your highest tiered freebie irresistible, in order to incentivize a larger purchase! πŸ’œ Also, keep your pricepoints in mind as you select your tiers. If you have lots of low-priced items in your shop and your top tier is too high, customers will have a hard time reaching it and may give up altogether.
  • Another popular freebie incentive is door busters. Door busters are freebies for the first x amount of customers once the sale begins. Some people place a minimum order amount on door busters - that's totally up to you - but I recommend not doing that. I like to treat door busters as a reward for the keenest customers, not the ones with the most $ to spend. Swapped samplers work well as door buster freebies. πŸ’œ You can offer door busters right at the start of the sale, or every day of the sale to keep a steady flow of customers.
  • You can also offer daily freebies - i.e. different freebies every day of the sale. This is especially helpful for keeping a steady flow of orders coming in throughout the weekend. You can announce which freebies are offered which day in advance, or surprise customers the day-of. My preference is to announce in advance. Remember our clientele are planners, so they like planning when and where to spend their money.
  • πŸ’œ Let's talk about free shipping. Customers LOVEEEE free shipping. My opinion on this is to evaluate your profit margins and see if free shipping works for your model. If you're already offering a big discount (I'd say 25%+) then maybe you shouldn't cut into profits any more. Likewise, if your pricepoints are low ($2-3 per item) then I would perhaps pass. You can also set free shipping to a minimum $ spent. I personally like to offer free shipping to domestic, sticker-only orders.


Get your products out there! There are multiple ways to use social media to your advantage during a sale.
WORKFLOW TIP: Have graphics ready. Make one image that includes your logo, percent off, a photo of your freebie, etc. Drop it everywhere: in the MIC FB group, on IG, in other planner groups.
WORKFLOW TIP: In addition, take photos of your products in advance and save them as drafts on Instagram, that way you always have something to post when you need to boost visibility.
  • Use the Facebook group! Our Facebook group is a HUGE opportunity for you to promote your products. You have free rein to promote your shop in there. My suggestion is not to spam, however repetition is a strong advertising technique, so I highly recommend posting at least once or twice during every sale day, pushing fresh new content every time. Make your posts interactive so people are inclined to comment - whenever someone comments, your post stays bumped in the group. An easy way to do this is to ask a question at the end of your post. Also, stay on top of the ISO post in the MIC group!
  • πŸ’œ Whenever you comment on a customer's post, MAKE SURE to drop your link and % off. Do not rely on a potential customer having to use Google to find you. Minimizing the barriers to reach your shop is probably one of the most important things to always keep in mind. It seems simple but I often see replies without links. Additionally, if you're referencing a specific product, take the extra two seconds to grab the precise link for that item.
  • I cannot stress enough how valuable Instagram stories are. If you aren't on the IG story train yet, I highly recommend testing the waters during the sale! You don't even need to show your face (although that does help). You can show off your products and talk about what's unique to your shop. Don't forget to tag the @madeincanadaplannercollab in your story so that we can share it! WORKFLOW TIP: I sometimes batch film my IG stories and then spread them out throughout the weekend. This helps because it means I only do hair & makeup once (lol) and as an introvert, it means I only have to spend my energy once! Instagram allows IG videos posted in 1-minute segments, so be sure your clips don't exceed 60 seconds.


  • Dropping new releases in time for the sale is an excellent way to generate interest. Keep in mind what themes people might be looking for this time of year (holidays, etc). πŸ’œ If you're having a hard time coming up with new product ideas, browse our ISO post in the Facebook group for targeted suggestions. WORKFLOW TIP: Your new releases will likely garner the most interest during the sale, so having a handful of them prepped in advance is a great idea.
  • Support each other! This is a ~collab~ sale. Let's like each other's posts, comment on each other's post, and collectively boost engagement on all of our marketing efforts. 😊 πŸ’œ Additionally, brand and name recognition goes a LONG way. Keeping Facebook in-mind as an example: every time your profile pops up, that's another instance for a customer to connect your profile and your shop, get to know you, and build rapport with you. This type of brand recognition is great for longterm success and customer retention.


  • Archive your sale posts on Instagram. It makes for a more appealing feed - people are looking for product images, not info on past sales they’ve missed out on.
  • Post-mortem: take note of what worked and what didn’t work, as well as what you would do differently next time! πŸ’œ I haaaave to stress this. Pop open a new note in your notes app, use one of those empty notes pages in your planner - the best time to strategize for next sale is NOW! πŸ™‚
  • Have your orders filled within the next month.
WORKFLOW TIP: My preferred way to fill orders is to dedicate chunks of time for bulk tasks. For example, I process batches of approximately 20-30 orders at a time in the order they appear in my queue. As a sticker shop, I then dedicate 1 day to printing, 1 day to cutting, and 1 day to packing. On printing day, I make sure to parse which orders receive which freebie (I literally edit orders in Shopify and add $0 freebies to them, but you can also write them on invoice by hand or use stickers). On cutting day, I also organize my sheets on a long table by SKU number, category, or alpha order, that way I can easily pull them on packing day. On packing day, I separate orders by destination to make calculating postage easier.
  • Last but not least, complete the post-sale survey that will be posted. It helps me improve future sales, and is mandatory for participating in the MIC Sale in the future, so don't forget! πŸ€—
Thanks everyone! Looking forward to a great sale with you all. πŸŽ‰